6th Annual Walk-a-Thon: Shinrin Yoku Forest Therapy

August 2, 2018


6th Annual Walk for Acupuncture

It is more than a walk. It is an experience.

Date: Saturday, September 8th, 2018 Time: 10AM – 12PM Location: Lincoln Park Conservancy’s North Pond Nature Sanctuary
Theme: Shinrin Yoku Forest Therapy

Register here and invite your patients, friends, and family.

This year’s walk will take place at the Lincoln Park Conservancy’s North Pond Nature Sanctuary located just west of the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. We have changed the location for this year’s walk because we will be incorporating the practice of Shinrin Yoku Forest Therapy this year, and the 15-acre North Pond Nature Sanctuary provides an idyllic setting for this practice.

Shinrin Yoku is the practice of “forest bathing”. It is the practice of visiting and connecting with a natural location and walking in a relaxed way. In doing so, we strengthen our connection and appreciation for the natural world that in turn supports and sustains us. We also produced a measureable state of calm, rejuvenation and restoration. What we have intuitively known all along, scientific studies are now confirming: it is essential to our health that we spend time in nature. In one study, for example, researchers were able to identify a marked difference in salivary cortisol concentrations between those visiting an urban area versus a forest area, with those visiting forest being lower. If you’d like to read more studies on the subject, you are encouraged to visit the Association of Nature & Forest Therapy’s website. Those interested in practicing are encouraged to join us September 8th, 2018 at the North Pond Nature Sanctuary.

Again, our medicine is all about relationships. We diagnose and treat based on the relationship between organs, physiology, nature, etc. In our community too, we all have a part to play in relation to one another so that the whole is supported. In this instance, some of us will attend the walk and bring our good energy. Some of us will stay home or work, and attend in spirit. Some of us will volunteer, some will make donations, some will fundraise, etc. All parts are integral. If you are called to volunteer some of your time, please contact Jennifer Hartmann at jennifer.l.hartmann@gmail.com and Kelsey Tangel at kelsey.tangel@gmail.com.

We look forward to seeing you all this September!


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