Join ILAAOM for a CEU Course with Mary Rogel

August 2, 2018


Join ILAAOM for our upcoming CEU event:

“Keys to the Kingdom:  How Everything in the Body is Connected to Everything Else, and Why It Matters”


Mary J. Rogel, Ph.D., L.Ac.


August 18th and 19th 2018
(One day option is available for this class)

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Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

65 E. Wacker

Chicago, IL

13 IL CEUs
NCCAOM PDAs pending


Members Early bird/$300; Regular price/$400
Non-member Early bird/$425; Regular price/$525
Student member Early bird/$200; Regular/$250

Student (non-member) Early bird/$275; Regular/$325 

Early bird pricing expires August 11th

Pre-payment for this class is required for registration. The last day to register and pay for this class is August 14th, 2018.

(A spiral bound manual for Mary’s class will be given to each student, which is included in the prices listed.)


From Mary:

As acupuncturists we often have the frustrating experience of treating pain in patients who do not respond to traditional acupuncture, despite our best efforts.  For most patients, pain is the result of structural adaptations that create varying degrees of misalignment of the joints.  Unless these accommodations are corrected, the problem and the pain will persist.


The goal of this seminar is to create a paradigm shift – from treating soft tissue to treating stiff tissue, from focusing on muscles to focusing on joints, from relying on joint replacement to relying on joint realignment, from looking at parts to looking at the whole.  We will examine the mechanical and structural causes of musculoskeletal pain, demonstrate how the physical body functions as an energetic whole, not simply as a machine with interconnected mechanical parts, and show how those parts cannot be treated in isolation from one another.  This seminar will provide the knowledge necessary to assess and begin to unlock challenging orthopedic conditions.  It will lay out a framework for understanding how all orthopedic problems involve the entire musculoskeletal system, introduce a system for understanding how injuries create predictable problems throughout the body, provide treatment strategies to enhance your current treatments regardless of your style, introduce alternative point locations that you can incorporate with your current needling and treatment strategies to make your treatments more effective and longer lasting, and demonstrate advanced needling and joint realignment techniques that can be studied in detail and practiced in later classes.


Knowing that everyone has basically the same orthopedic problems and responds to the same basic treatments will help you understand and treat chronic problems and acute injuries, as well as some problems generally treated through internal medicine.  We will also discuss how the brain changes in response to musculoskeletal accommodations, and we will look at the implications of brain neuroplasticity for our becoming more effective practitioners.


Course Objectives


This class is intended for all clinicians with an interest in orthopedics and body mechanics.  The objectives of this course are to:


Examine the body as an ever-accommodating collection of bones held together by ligaments and moved by muscles and tendons.
Explore the implications of the body’s ability to alter how bones meet within joint capsules.
Understand how an injury in one part of the body creates predictable problems elsewhere.
Learn how to view the body as an integrated whole that must be diagnosed and treated as a system rather than as a collection of barely related parts.
Introduce a treatment strategy that can be applied to all structural problems.
Demonstrate alternative point locations to address tendons and ligaments.
Appreciate how replacing a joint or having arthroscopic surgery or beginning physical therapy alters body mechanics and requires the entire body to adjust to the new condition; failure to take this into account can result in poor outcomes.
Learn how to use the principles of brain neuroplasticity to improve your patients’ outcomes and to become a more effective practitioner.



Course Instructor


Mary J. Rogel, Ph.D., L.Ac., opened her practice, East Point Associates, Ltd., in Hyde Park after graduating from the Midwest Center for the Study of Oriental Medicine in 1986.  Her practice has a strong focus on orthopedics, body mechanics, and joint realignment; and she has been teaching orthopedics for acupuncturists and body workers since 1999.


This seminar is a CEU Event Fundraiser for ILAAOM, please donate beyond the cost if you wish to help support ILAAOM’s efforts to promote AOM for our profession, patients, colleagues and friends. 


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