Within ILaaom, there are multiple sets of committees in which some are required according to our by-laws while other committees are new ones we have created along the way as we see needed for our growth. Our committees include board members and volunteers from our membership. Our committees are a vital part of ILaaom as to have the opportunity to continue to put on our annual events, dinners, meetings, and so much more. On this page we have listed our current committees, their chairs, and members.

Continuing Education Committee–this committee designs and organizes the CEU program for each year; this includes seeking out which CEU classes that practitioners are looking for; providing the required CPR and Ethics classes; offering a variety of topics; bringing in local, national, and international instructors. Being on this committee offers unique experiences as its members have the opportunity to meet and connect with long-time experienced instructors and meet new practitioners.

Public Relations—this committee reaches out to local and national organizations to promote ILaaom members and the Oriental Medicine profession; the committee strives to educate the public about the OM profession, it’s benefits, and opportunities; this committees works to grow a network within the community to develop more relationships with other associations, professions, and institutions.

Membership—this committee reaches out to Oriental Medicine students and practitioners to educate them of the benefits of being an ILaaom member; connects with local OM schools to organize student events among the schools and with ILaaom members; increases awareness of the value of being a member to non-practitioners as to grow interest of patron membership.

Legislative—this committee stays abreast of all legal and legislative news among the Oriental Medicine profession, including local, national, and international affairs; this committee is in close and consistent contact with ILaaom’s lobbyist to assure the OM profession and patients continue to be protected by our laws; these committee members stay active with state and national meetings along with continued networking with the CSA.

 Communications—this committee creates all lines of communications among the ILaaom members, students, and the public; this committee is responsible for the bi-annual ILaaom newsletter, eblasts, emails, and Facebook news.

Walk-a-Thon—this committee organizes ILaaom’s annual walk-a-thon fundraiser that is generally held in the fall of each year; these members obtain the city license and permits for the event, create t-shirts, seek out sponsors, seek out donations for event, assemble the gifts and awards to the winners.

 Asian Moon—this committee organizes ILaaom’s oldest fundraiser which is generally held on a Sunday each September; these members secure a location, create a menu, decorate the event space, bring in guest speakers, reach out to vendors who provide raffle and silent auction items for the event.

 If you have any interest or questions about any of these committees, please contact us at